About me.

My name is Judith Rodgers, and I am Tutoring with Distinction. I launched my tutoring business in 2005, after decades of working with language. As a teacher of writing and literature, I trained students to listen for an author's intention and to appreciate the many meanings of words. I bring this expertise and my success in building expressive skills to help individuals conquer standardized tests and the college/grad school application process. I also help students overcome resistance to tests, which they learn to view as sources of support rather than adversaries to be defeated.  

Since I began tutoring, I have produced exceptional results with students throughout the NYC area. My work is twofold: (a) assisting students with writing-based coursework in humanities, and (b) test prep for college and graduate admissions, including the college search, essay writing, and financial aid negotiation. I tutor for both the SAT and the ACT, as well as Subject Tests in Literature and U.S. history, and the GRE and GMAT (verbal portions only).  

I have taught at Baruch College, Manhattan College, and The New School for Social Research. I have also worked at Abraham Joshua Heschel HS (as English teacher/learning specialist), and for the College Board. I have been a freelance writer and editor for 30 years.