Welcome to Making Distinctions, my blog about tutoring and college admissions.

Hello. This blog is intended for anyone (including students and parents) who is considering tutoring help in reading, writing, and verbal test prep, or for college admissions. I call this website Tutoring with Distinction because that is how I approach my work. To be effective, tutoring must be individualized: material must be presented in a way that fits the student's learning level and style--and motivates him/her to take on the next challenges.  Learning is making distinctions, and I help students to make distinctions of all kinds by expanding their ability to use language. 

My work is of two types:

  • coursework in English and writing, including boosting reading comprehension and writing across curricula, for students of all learning levels; and 
  • test prep and college admissions. Please note that I tutor for reading and writing sections of the SAT, GRE, and GMAT; for the ACT, I tutor for the essay writing, the English test, the reading test, and the science test. I will refer you to an excellent, qualified math tutor. 
  • Once you are in, and receive financial aid packages, I will help you to negotiate the best offer.
  • I also provide tutoring help in writing essays for admissions to graduate and professional programs.